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About the Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier is a 3 year old toddler in a clown suit.  Sweet as pie with people.  Needs a firm hand with an active family with all of his energy.  

Bull Terriers are happy, comical, and playful, but are very strong-willed and stubborn when the mood strikes them.  

There is no mistaking the bull terrier for any other breed.  With his football-shaped head, muscular body, and unmatched swagger, this dog commands attention anywhere he goes.  He's a high energy tough guy with a soft heart, crazy about kids, will do anything for a child, and strongly attached to his family.  

The Bull Terrier is an indoor dog.  Besides having a short coat unsuited to cold or wet weather, he thrives on companionship and needs to be with his family when they are home.  

Famous Bull Terriers are "Spuds McKenzie" used in Bud Light commericials, the Target mascot "Bullseye", General Patton's "Willy", and Patsy Ann famous for predicting the impending arrival of ships to port in Juneau, Alaska.  

Animal Planet's YouTube Video on Bull Terriers.