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About My Girls

I currently have two female Bull Terriers:  Powder and Koela.  I shared a photo of them with Purina and received the following reply in May, 2014:  

"We'd love your permission to use it on our Purina Dog Chow page, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter (@Dog Chow), Facebook page or as our cover photo in the near future, and add our brand logo and possibly a caption message to your image."


Mataly Zeull Powder (Powder), RN23811502, was born on 4/4/2012.  She is pure white, weighs 42 lbs, and is from near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  

Click on a picture for a larger view of Powder's Pedigree.

Powder's Pedigree 1 Powder's Pedigree 2


Tanna Pepcee Koela (Koela), RN 24234104, was born on 5/5/2012.  She is white with a small Brindle marking on her ear, weighs 50 lbs, and is from near Cincinnati, Ohio.  Koela's father was from Russia and she was in the first litter sired in the U.S.  She is 1/2 Russian with an extensive champion bloodline.  

Click on a picture for a larger view of Koela's Pedigree.

Koela's Pedgiree 1 Koela's Pedigree 2

Note: Russian bloodlines for 5th and 6th generations are labeled "Not Available" because the information could not be verified back that far.


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Koela and Powder Photo 1 Koela and Powder Photo 2 Koela and Powder Photo 3 Koela and Powder Photo 4 Koela and Powder Photo 5 Koela and Powder Photo 6 Koela and Powder Photo 7 Koela and Powder Photo 8 Koela and Powder Photo 9